WSDC and non-WSDC competitions

Michigan Classic offers a variety of competitions, including: WSDC & ProAm Jack and Jills, Strictlies, Routine Divisions, and some “just for fun” competitions!

ALL of our competitions are GENDER NEUTRAL: You can lead! You can follow! We encourage dancers to compete in whatever role makes them happiest…even if that’s dancing in both! (If you enter multiple strictlies, you must have a different partner for each.)

Please note that shoes and a full weekend pass are mandatory to compete in ANY of the WSDC and Routine competitions. (Day Passes are acceptable for the Shooting Star Tournament and Total Eclipse J&J).

Register in advance to save time (and money!) at the registration desk.

To encourage all competitors to pre-register ONLINE for contests, we are offering a discount on entry fees. Use the Swingdancer app to pre-register prior to picking up your bib at the registration desk and save up to 20% off the entry fee, even if you are already at MiC.

Be sure to check the Competition Descriptions and Rules, then register to compete.



WSDC Jack and Jills: Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All-Star.

Aged-based Jack and Jills: Sophisticated (35+) and Masters (50+) division.

Our Jack and Jills are completely gender-neutral, which means you can lead or follow, but role switching within the competition is not allowed.


Levels: Newcomer/ Novice, Intermediate/ Advanced, AllStar/ Champion, and Masters (50+).

Enter at the level you dance for Jack & Jill. If you and your partner are different levels, enter at the higher level. You can enter a second Strictly Swing level by ‘dancing up’ or by ‘dancing down’ in the opposite roles or by entering one of the age based divisions.


Rising Star Routine division follows the Rising Star Tour rules.

The Pro-Am division also follows the Rising Star tour rules, with certain exceptions, most notably that a Pro-Am partnership must be a professional instructor/amateur student relationship.


This division is open to competitors of all levels and you may enter in the role of your choice. The contest is centered around fun and will be judged as such. The couple showcasing a mix of solid dance technique, showmanship, and joy will be selected as the winners. Role switching within this competition is NOT allowed. The winning couple will each receive a certificate for a complimentary pair of dance shoes from Shoes By Stephane.


This Division is open to dancers who can BOTH lead and follow. In the preliminary round(s), dancers are evaluated individually based on their skills as a leader AND a follower, as well as their ability to switch between roles. Dancers are judged as a couple in the final round of the competition.


This division is open to competitors of all levels and you may enter in the role of your choice. Role switching within this competition is NOT allowed.

Random pairings are judged as a couple (you will NOT rotate partners). Sixteen (16) couples move to a tournament-style final rounds. The final two couples will be given time to impress the audience and judges one at a time, followed by a final battle.