Meet Michigan Classic's New Event Directors!

Meet Kendra Zara and Ward Roberts! This dynamic duo met in late 2012 at a Pittsburgh West Coast Swing dance. It wasn’t until a few years later that they discovered they were practically neighbors. While both share an unwavering passion for dance, their individual traits make them a powerhouse team.

Kendra pours thoughtfulness into every decision and action, though she occasionally takes detours into what she fondly calls “squirreling”. With a friendly disposition and a perpetual willingness to help, she lights up every encounter with her radiant smile.

Ward never shies away from a challenge. He is trustworthy and ever-ready to lend a hand. He even embraces Kendra’s wild ideas – some of which might land them in amusingly unpredictable situations!

Their friendship hit a high note when Kendra convinced Ward to go out for a night of dancing to live music in Morgantown, WV. Since then, they’ve become inseparable. They are so in sync they’ve mastered the art of communication with a hilarious mix of quirky vocalizations and personalized sound effects (albeit, most of these are Kendra’s) – it’s like watching a comedy show! Their bond has led many to mistake them for a couple. Just to set the record straight, they’re not—cue laughter!

Together, Kendra and Ward form a harmonious blend, not only excelling in their collaborative efforts but also providing the perfect counterbalance to each other. Their attention to detail and creative touch has combined to reimagine Michigan Classic, and they’re excited to continue its legacy!


Kendra and Ward welcome you to Michigan Classic. Our goal: to cultivate an event filled with inclusivity and positive energy!

We care about the well being of all our event participants. Please read our Mission and Values Statement, Code of Conduct, and Wellness Policies.

Mission and Values Statement

At Michigan Classic, we strive to create an unforgettable experience that celebrates artistry, diversity, and the joy of West Coast Swing. We are dedicated to fostering a welcoming community where dancers of all levels and backgrounds can come together to learn, share, and elevate their passion for West Coast Swing.

Fueled by our desire for inclusivity, innovation, and respect, our event strives to provide quality instruction, inspiring performances, and multiple opportunities for social interactions. We aim to be a place for growth, where participants can expand their skills, forge meaningful connections, break out of their comfort zone, and leave with lasting memories that resonate long after the music stops.

We aspire to contribute to the local West Coast Swing community by promoting a positive and supportive environment. Our commitment to excellence, creativity, and our love of dance fuels our desire to make each year better than the last. Michigan Classic is not just an event; it’s a celebration of dance, community, diversity, and a shared passion that unites us all.